Restore nature.
Create value.

Landler is the first end-to-end platform for natural capital,  leveraging technology to create sustainable, regenerative and climate-resilient supply chains.

Landler is where businesses and land stewards invest in, and get rewarded for nature-positive outcomes.

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For Businesses

Use our MRV tools to track the impact of regenerative practices, and our investment platform to support actions that protect your supply chain for the long-term.

For Land Stewards

Use our verified measurement technology (MRV) to understand the state of natural capital on your land, and our investment platform to be rewarded for regenerative practices.

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Join a community of companies creating value through nature restoration

“We must understand nature not just as our heritage, but also as our capital. Landler enables us to not only reward sustainable actions but to also convert them into real economic value.”

Mathias Kollmann

Managing Director

Bohlsener Mühle

“Together with The Landbanking Group we want to show, that these investments can be booked as an asset on the balance sheet, creating tangible corporate value.”
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Isabel Jung

Head of Quality management

Lehmann Natur

“Starting with the idea of monitoring the cultivation of cover crops, in the future, Landler could open up further possibilities to measure and present the impact of our measures.”

Gero Leson

VP of Special Operations

Dr. Bronner’

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Restore Nature.
Create value.

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